Choosing the Best Car Hauler Tie Down Straps

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A blue ratchet strap from a car hauler tie down strap

With the right equipment, hauling large cargo can be a breeze. Make sure everything is tied down and take it easy. But with the wrong equipment hauling can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario.

You’re smart, though. You’re doing your due diligence to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. In this article, you’re going to learn about the different vehicle tie-down options and what options are the best.

Why Car Tie-Down Straps Are So Important

Ratchet straps are a staple for anyone who wants to transport something. They are incredibly reliable tools, but they are not made equally. A strap that’s good for one type of cargo may not be a good fit for another one. This is certainly true when transporting a vehicle.

Cars are heavy and to transport them safely you need the correct tools.

It's the Only Way to Ensure a Safe Vehicle Delivery

Even with the emergency brake on and using tire blocks, the transported car can still roll. This is especially true if the vehicle is being moved on an open hauler. The weight of the car cannot be the only thing keeping the car on the trailer. That’s where straps come in.

Car hauler straps can attach a car to a trailer securely. These keep the car secure and are the only way to guarantee a secure shipment. They’re generally ratchet ties which will create a tight and secure line that won’t let the car roll or flip off the trailer.

Car Straps are Made to Secure the Weight of a Commercial Vehicle

Just like not every strap is good for any hauling job, some car tie-downs are built for recreational use and commercial use. Some tie-downs work great for smaller vehicles like side-by-sides or 4x4s. However, if you need to haul a multi-ton commercial vehicle, you’ll want straps built for that purpose.

Choosing the Best Car Tie-Down Straps

With the options in mind, it’s important to consider what kind of trailer and vehicle you have, what your route will look like, and what the conditions will be. Start with the most secure method for your setup, and then consider getting straps for specific uses.

These are the most popular types of tire straps.

towing professional installing car hauler wheel straps

Axle Straps

The most secure straps available are axle straps. They are secured around the axles of the vehicle rather than the tire. These essentially secure the car's body directly to your trailer.

To use axle straps, wrap the tie around the axle, clip it back into the strap then secure it to the trailer. These have built-in ratchets so you’ll be able to make sure the straps are secured and taut.

Wheel Nets

Wheel nets are a common way to secure a vehicle to a trailer. Because they have straps that connect to the side of the trailer rather than the front or back, they’re incredibly secure. Wheel nets create a wide base and that’s why they work so well.

There are a few varieties within this category. The most common is the lasso strap. These are made with a single strap with a hoop or opening bit at the end. To use a lasso strap you’ll feed the strap through the hoop to create a bigger loop that fits over the tire. These are made with ratchets to secure the tires to the trailer.

Other wheel nets are made for certain-sized tires that fit over the tire snugly and attach to the trailer in either two or three locations.

Tow Dolly Wheel Straps

Tow dollies secure the front wheels of a vehicle while leaving the back wheels on the ground. They’re usually seen on RVs for hauling a personal vehicle. Tow dolly wheel straps, often called tire bonnets, are used to secure vehicles to a tow dolly.

Tow dolly wheel straps have additional webbing which makes them more adjustable and secure. Smaller straps are wrapped around the wheel and then connected to two large straps. The smaller straps can be adjusted to ensure a snug fit. The large straps are tied to the dolly or the front or back of a car hauler.  

Wheel Straps

The least secured but most straightforward way to secure a vehicle to a trailer is wheel straps. These are just single straps that go over the top of the tire and anchor to the base of the car hauler. 

They can create a secure fit that will keep the car from moving, but remember, these are not regular tie-downs. They have specific features that make them better to use for vehicle transportation. For example, Most of them feature a way to tighten the strap closely to the bottom of the tire.

Other Things to Keep in Mind 

How heavy is the vehicle you’re planning on hauling? This will dictate what kind of strap you use. Each strap has a load limit that should not be exceeded. Putting undue stress on your straps is a quick way to ruin someone’s car and lose your job.

The kind of trailer you have will change what kind of tie-downs you should use. Using a dolly will require tire bonnets. But using a flatbed you’ll need a different kind of strap like a wheel net, lasso strap, or axle strap.

Remember, only use car tie-downs for securing a vehicle. Regular straps are not made to take the stress of multiple tons, but car straps can handle any kind of jolting, swerving, or swaying from wind.

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If you are not already in the business of hauling vehicles, it can be frightening, but with the right equipment, it’s safer than you might think. Something to consider if you find yourself having to haul vehicles often is hiring drivers for transportation of your vehicles.

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