Open Road Will Change the Way You Choose to Ship

Supply chain issues have been wreaking havoc on the shipping industry

Open Road solves the problem by tapping into the resources that are already available. We’re a shipping marketplace that connects small businesses with independent drivers to ship products faster.

Armed with a pickup truck and a trailer, these independent drivers can haul less-than-truckload, and deliver products as soon as they’re needed.

The Premier Middle-Mile Business Shipping Solution

Small businesses can get their jobs done without the headache and stress of waiting on deliveries. These independent drivers pick up whatever you need from the distributor and deliver it straight to your door.

We’re harnessing the power of 160 million pickup trucks and trailers to solve the mid-mile trucking dilemma. Independent drivers can fill the gaps that broken supply chains have left.

How It Works

It’s fairly simple: SMB Companies & Enterprise Distributors post pickup/drop off jobs, and independent haulers pick up these jobs, and deliver the cargo.

For the Drivers

Sign up on the app

Create an account in the Open Road app with all of the necessary documents and information.

Claim a job

Find the best job for you, your equipment, and your schedule.

Pick up, haul, and deliver the materials

Communicate with the shipper and receiver through the app about the status of the freight.

For the Shipper

sign up on the platform

Create an account with Open Road with all of the necessary information.

post the job

Include details like pickup and dropoff location and dates, as well as details of what needs to be delivered.

get what you need, when you need it

The Open Road platform ensures that your cargo arrives safely and on-time. Drivers stay in communication with shippers the whole way.

Industries We Serve

Not seeing your industry? Contact us and we'll find a fit.




Restaurants and retail

government (dod)


Upload Your Vehicle and Trailer Information Fast

Just take a picture of your license, proof of insurance and registrations. Even vehicle inspections are done virtually!

Picking Up Jobs is as Easy as Tapping Your Phone Screen

Scroll through posted hauling jobs, and choose which ones fit your schedule.

Keep the Job Poster in the Know

Confirm pickup and delivery with pictures and signatures, and notify the job poster of any delays, such as bad traffic, with the click of a button.

Get Paid On Your Schedule

Funds go into your account that same day.

Discover More Features

Being a driver couldn’t be simpler.

Sign Up Today

Ready to work your own schedule and get paid that same day? Download the app and get hauling today.