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Get started today with a free quote. Whether you’re a construction company that needs materials delivered to wrap up a job or a car dealership looking to go the extra mile for your customer, Open Road has you covered.

The Premier Middle-Mile Delivery Solution

Small businesses can get their jobs done without the headache and stress of waiting on deliveries. Our hotshot drivers pick up whatever you need from the distributor and deliver it straight to your door.

We’re harnessing the power of 16 million pickup trucks and trailers to solve the mid-mile trucking dilemma. Hotshot drivers can fill the gaps that broken supply chains have left.

Mockup of the Open Road app

How It Works

It’s fairly simple: SMB Companies & Enterprise Distributors post delivery jobs, and hotshot drivers pick up these jobs, and deliver the cargo.

Warehouse forklift truck for delivery operations.

For the Shipper

Sign up on the platform

Create an account on the Open Road website with all of the necessary information.

post the job

Include details like pickup and dropoff location and dates, as well as details of what needs to be delivered.

get what you need,
when you need it

The Open Road website ensures that your cargo arrives safely and on-time. Drivers stay in communication with shippers the whole way.

A delivery service worker standing beside a white truck, ready to transport goods efficiently.

For the Drivers

Sign up on the app

Create an account in the Open Road app with all of the necessary documents and information.

Claim a job

Find the best job for you, your equipment and your schedule.

Pick up, haul, and
deliver the materials

Communicate with the shipper and receiver through the app about the status of the freight.

Supply Chain Issues Have Been Wreaking Havoc on the Shipping Industry

Open Road solves the problem by tapping into resources that are already available

We’re a delivery marketplace that connects small businesses with hotshot drivers to haul and deliver products faster.

Armed with a pickup truck and a trailer, these hotshots can haul less-than-truckload, and deliver products as soon as they’re needed.

Did You Know?

There are over 16 million F-150s on the road – Meaning there are 725% more F-150 trucks than semi trucks available to move shipments.

Industries We Serve

Not seeing your industry? Contact us and we'll find a fit.

Not seeing your industry?
Contact us and we'll find a fit.

Lumber and Wood Products

Open Road is a delivery marketplace for on-demand lumber delivery

Stadiums and Arenas

Stadiums and arenas host concerts, sport events, and conventions. Get what you need when you need it by using Open Road.

Solar Energy

Solar panels require special attention in order to haul safely. Open Road offers the solar energy industry the ability to move equipment promptly and safely.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies need to be delivered promptly with minimal slow downs. Open Road lets hospitals and private practices get the supplies they need.

Department of Defense

Defense materials need to be delivered promptly with minimal slow downs. Open Road lets the DOD and government contractors get the supplies they need.

Gyms and Workout Equipment

Open Road is a delivery marketplace where gym owners, workout equipment retailers, and manufacturers can ship gym equipment on-demand.

Boats and Recreation

Dealers and manufacturers can move boats, campers, and other recreation equipment easily with Open Road.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment and large machinery is used across a lot of industries. Moving this equipment is difficult, but Open Road makes it easier.

Food and Bev

Food and beverage industry distributors can ship their equipment right on time with Open Road


Furniture stores, wholesalers, and manufacturers can utilize Open Roads easy-to-use shipping platform for B2B deliveries of large furniture and materials.

Landscaping and Garden Centers

Open Road offers fast and easy B2B shipping for commercial landscapers, materials suppliers, and garden centers.


Growers and distributors can ship agricultural and farming materials fast and easily with Open Road. It's a simple shipping platform with no subscriptions or hidden fees.


Keep your factory operating with Open Road. We service businesses across the manufacturing industry by delivering LTL shipments fast.


Open Road helps warehouses keep inventory moving and the supply chain flowing. Ship warehoused materials to and from small businesses quickly and easily.

Oil and Gas

Open Road helps oil and gas operations moving and the supply chain flowing. Ship drilling and refinery equipment and materials quickly and easily.

Windows and Doors

Home remodelers, renovators, and builders, as well as window and door manufacturers can ship their materials on demand with Open Road.


Roofing contractors and suppliers can use Open Road to send and receive materials on their schedule. Post jobs, track shipments, and communicate with your driver all through Open Road.


Don’t let supply chain delays shut down your restaurant. Get large kitchen equipment and front-of-house furnishings delivered on-demand with Open Road.


Do you need HVAC equipment shipped fast? Open Road connects business and hotshot drivers to send LTL shipments on demand.


On-demand shipping for materials and equipment for home, commercial, and road construction.

Trade Show

Open Road offers on demand hotshot trucking for trade shows vendors and venues. Learn how you can get your exhibition pieces fast.


Open Road provides on-demand delivery for retail businesses. Get large orders of merchandise, oversized items, and large displays shipped fast.

Events and Entertainment

Open Road offers on-demand hotshot trucking for art shows, concerts, movie premiers, and festivals.


Car dealerships, restoration specialists, auto auctions and private sellers can all benefit from Open Road’s on-time shipping platform.

What Our Customers
Have to Say

Toby Ebarb


We needed to get some roofing material shipped as soon as possible in order to complete a job. Open Road shipped those materials straight to the worksite the next day—long before a traditional shipper would have been able to make the delivery. I was impressed with how quickly I could post a job and get it shipped.

Kyle Watson

Findlay Toyota of Prescott

We’ve used Open Road to ship vehicles to customers out of state. Not only is using Open Road convenient and easy for us, but our customers, too! They loved how quick and easy the whole process was, and how they could get an instant quote for the shipment. Open Road is good for our business, and more importantly, our customers.

Jacie Shoemake

The Door and Window Store

With Open Road, I’ve never had to worry about the security or safety of our custom windows and doors during delivery. The drivers are experienced, and take time to ensure our products are packed correctly and securely before they hit the road. And the best part is, Open Road is cheaper than most other shipping services!

Lacey Holsinger

American Roofing Supply

Five star service from these guys. Their website is extremely user friendly and so convenient for setting up pick ups and deliveries. The turn around time was more than reasonable and the delivery driver called before arrival to give us a heads up which was nice and he was also very polite! Will use again for any future needs.

Ryan Fornara

The Ironworker INC

Great Communication, they moved our load quickly for a fair price. Would definitely recommend and use them again.

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