It’s Easy to Be an Independent Driver with Open Road

Set up your account to take charge of your schedule and pay


Be your own boss and drive whenever it works for you. Routes available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Know exactly what you will earn before you hit the road. Drivers get paid weekly.


Earn bonuses and equipment for hitting delivery targets and ratings.

Sign Up Requirements

Must be 21 years or older.
Must pass a background check.
Must be valid driver’s license and insurance.
Must own or lease a truck with up to date registration. Preferably own a trailer.

Create Your
Driver Account

Because independent drivers are handling other people’s properties, we have to take some precautions to ensure that everything and everyone is safe. We will need:

  • Vehicle and Trailer Information

  • Pictures of Driver’s License, Valid Insurance and Vehicle/Trailer Registration

  • Complete the In-App Background Check

  • Schedule a virtual vehicle inspection with a certified mechanic.

As soon as that’s complete, you’re ready to start hauling!

Mockup of the account creation

Picking Up Jobs Is as Easy as Tapping Your Phone Screen

Businesses will post jobs with details such as payout, delivery due date, pickup and delivery location, as well as any unique details and requirements like particular equipment.

Click the ‘Claim Job’ button at the bottom of your screen. The sooner the deadline is, the higher the job will be posted in the ‘Available Jobs to Claim’ lineup.

Mockup of the job screen

Keep the Shipper
in the Know

Pickups and deliveries both require photos of the cargo loaded onto your truck or trailer.

This way, you can guarantee that everything is on track.

If something goes wrong, such as road closures or a traffic stop, easily notify the drop-off location through the app.

Mockup of a message to the client

Get Paid As Soon as the Job Is Complete

Timing is everything — including when you get paid. The job payout goes into your in-app wallet the same day that the delivery is complete.

Securely add your bank account information and deposit money anytime you’d like.

Mockup of the payout screen

Get Access to More Jobs Every Time You Complete a Delivery

Become a seasoned Driver.

The more jobs you complete, the more jobs you’ll be able to pick up ahead of time. Drivers can earn bonuses and incentives for not only the number of jobs you complete, but for making last-minute deliveries, as well.

Mockup of the available jobs to claim


Get a Customized Financial Roadmap

The Open Road Team will help you create a plan to get the most money out of each job. Learn how to choose the best routes to maximize your payday.

A man sitting amidst boxes in the back of a van, representing a delivery service in action.