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The Best Enclosed Car Haulers

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Black Dodge pickup truck towing a black enclosed car hauler from Interstate Trailers

Hotshot truckers protect their cargo through the use of certain equipment such as tie downs and tarps. Enclosed trailers, however, offer a bit more protection from the elements. 

Yes, cars are meant to be outside on the road, but delivering a pristine vehicle says you care a little extra about the cargo and the customer. Here are some of the best enclosed car hauler trailers and why it is worthwhile investing in one. 

Why Do I Need an Enclosed Car Hauler?

Enclosed car haulers are generally more expensive than open car haulers, but they are great for long-distance travel because they offer extra safeguarding. 

Protect the Vehicle from Road Hazards

Cars are built to be driven down the highway, but they are still vulnerable to rocks, sand, hail, and other outside elements. Some vehicles, like collector cars, are best kept in pristine condition. 

Or perhaps you’re transporting a brand new vehicle from one dealership to another. You don’t want their customer to wait even longer because their vehicle got  scratched during the journey and needs to be fixed. 

The extra protection of an enclosed trailer may even get drivers and shippers a discount on shipping insurance.

You’re Transporting an Expensive Vehicle 

Again, vehicle collectors are going to want their vehicles in pristine condition, and you want to keep them that way while transporting them. The same goes for high-end luxury vehicles, vintage vehicles, unique vehicles, and racecars. 

Not only does the enclosed trailer protect them from road hazards, but it protects them from vandalism and theft too.

You’re a Hotshot Trucker Specializing in Vehicle Transportation 

Open air haulers are great for a lot of things, but if you are going to specialize in vehicle transportation, many dealers or private auctioneers like a luxury, specialized shipping service for their product. 

If that’s going to be your bread and butter as a hotshot driver, you might want to look into purchasing an enclosed car hauler trailer, if you don’t already have one. 

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Best Enclosed Car Hauler Trailers

You can do hotshot trucking with any enclosed car hauler trailers, but here are some of our favorite brands that make high quality and functional enclosed car haulers.

Cross Trailers 

Cross trailers are made in Elkhart, Indiana. Their standard design for all of their trailers includes a mounting system called the Aegis System. It allows for flex, expansion, and contraction—meaning these trailers maintain their structural integrity in a variety of weather conditions and speeds. The one-piece aluminum roof makes it stronger and leak-resistant. 

The Cross Arros trailers offer simplicity and great entry level enclosed car haulers, but they make varying levels of sophistication.


The Champion Series is the Homesteader brand’s only car hauler trailer. Many of their utility trailers are able to be used as car haulers. 

The Champion Series is fully aluminum trimmed and rides smoothly. They have a side door and standard interior lights for accessibility and useability. Homesteader offers a lot of customization options for these trailers.

RC Trailers

RC Trailers’ car haulers are heavy duty. Most people use these trailers for transporting high-end cars that they can’t take any risks with. They can transport smaller vehicles like coups and racecars. 

There are a variety of personalization options including sizing. Depending on how large of a trailer you get, you can sometimes carry larger or multiple vehicles. These trailers range from 5 x 8 feet to 8.5 x 32 feet.


Interstate provides the best options for affordability. They don’t have all the bells and whistles of some other heavy duty brands, but they certainly get the job done.

They have trailer options of 3500 or 5200 pound axles and 20 or 24 feet options. The roofs are a single piece of aluminum or galvanized steel. Interstate trailers have fewer customization options and fewer model options, but it is a good starter enclosed car hauler.

What to Look for in an Enclosed Car Hauler

When you are deciding on which enclosed car hauler to buy, consider these questions:

  • What am I using it for primarily?
  • Big cars or small vehicles?
  • Will I be transporting luxury vehicles?
  • Will I be driving cross country or across the county?
  • What kind of roads will you be driving?
  • What kind of weather and road hazards will you run into?

The answers to these questions will help you determine which size car hauler you need and what level of protection. 

Look for tried and true trusted brands. As a hotshot driver on the road all the time, you need to have equipment you can trust.

Once You Have the Best Enclosed Car Hauler, You Can Get Paid to Transport Vehicles

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