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On-Demand Warehousing Delivery & Transportation Services

Coast-to-Coast Hotshot Delivery & Hauling for Distributors and Manufacturers Across All Sectors

On-Demand Shipping & Hotshot Transportation Services for Drilling, Transportation, And Refinery Equipment

Warehousing is vital to the flow of the supply chain. When businesses can move their raw materials or finished goods as quickly as they need to, the world can keep spinning.

Open Road keeps warehouses from overfilling or losing track of inventory. Don’t wait around for a freight company to ship materials in and out of your warehouse. With Open Road, you can ship on your schedule, and keep warehouse space open for your customers.

A platform for the ease of posting and managing shipments, driver communication, and delivery tracking

Only three people are involved in the Open Road process: the shipper, the receiver, and the driver. Keeping things simple means it’s easier for you to post jobs, track and manage shipments, and communicate with the driver.   

Warehouses support every single step in the supply chain process, so they need a fast and easy way to haul materials to and from their business partners. Open Road helps warehouse managers ensure that businesses get their materials stored and shipped exactly on time. 

Professional drivers & hotshots with warehousing industry transportation experience & knowledge - In it for the long haul!

Our drivers know how to get the job done. They use professionally-inspected trucks and equipment to ensure every material and product arrives safely and on time. Whether it’s across the state or across state lines, Open Road drivers are in it for the long haul.

About Open Road

We’re a shipping marketplace platform, connecting small businesses with drivers that can haul LTL shipments anywhere in the country. We’re the shipping solution that helps small businesses get what they need exactly when they need it.

Our headquarters are located in the small northern Arizona town of Prescott. Located about an hour and half outside of Phoenix, Prescott is closely connected to expanding suburban and still-rural communities. We know that the shipping logistics problems here mirror those in towns and cities all across the country. Small business and independent drivers are integral to these communities. Open Road is here for all of them.


Questions about the Open Road platform or hauling requirements? We have the answers so you can start shipping today. If you don’t see your question listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How far ahead do I have to post a job?

As far ahead as you need! Whether you need to ship the next morning or in a month, if there’s a driver available, you’ll get your materials and products delivered.

Are there any materials I can’t ship?

While we can ship nearly anything including from raw metal to windows, we do have some restrictions on hazardous materials. If you have questions about specific materials or goods, contact us.

How much material can I move at once?

Our drivers specialize in LTL deliveries. In the warehousing industry, this means at least one pallet of materials or supplies in a single load.

How much will shipping a pallet of materials cost?

Our rates are determined by distance traveled and load weight. For more information, contact us today.