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Open Road as a Small Business Shipping Solution

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It's not hard to notice how slow shipping has been recently. It seems rare for shipments to arrive on time, to the detriment of small businesses. With the rising cost of just about everything, there needs to be a better solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Other shipping options are available—smaller operations that offer low shipping costs and quicker delivery speeds by going straight from the source to your business. That’s what Open Road is for.

Our method is quick and cost effective. Independent drivers pick up your cargo and get it to where it needs to go without having to change hands or wait in a warehouse. Stop waiting on freight and opt in for a solution that can help you move your products when you need them most.

Open Road is Designed to Help Small Businesses

When using the Open Road app, there’s only three people involved: the shipper, the driver, and the receiver. It’s simple to use and lets you know exactly where your cargo is. 

Open Road was created because our founders are part of target communities. Our friends and family have felt the bottleneck of supply chain issues since 2014. We’re ready to change the way our communities receive and ship inventory.

The app is designed for business owners and managers that need a small shipment, but don’t have time to wait on standard freight. It’s a great alternative to get your LTL freight where it needs to go quickly.

Use the App as Your TMS

Transportation management systems (TMS) are used to make shipments easier to track. They have a lot of great tools built into them, but they can be clunky. Although they can be very helpful, they aren't always designed with small B2B services in mind.

If you don’t already use a TMS, don’t worry, you don’t need one. Open Road can help with inventory management and let you track your shipments every step of the way.

If you want to simplify your shipping management, the Open Road app acts as a simple TMS that does everything you need and nothing you don’t:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Job boards
  • Payment methods
  • Schedule planning 

It’s a simple app that doesn’t require all of your time to use. It’s intentionally designed so you can focus on what matters most to you—running your business.

Keep it Small …

Open Road is a locally owned business located in Prescott, Arizona. That means you don't have to fight with automated responses on the phone like most freight giants make you do.  

There’s no need to purchase new equipment. Open Road utilizes pickup trucks and trailers owned by local drivers. You don’t have to work with large corporations that don’t know what your business needs. App support and drivers are just a call away—and for some of our customers, right down the street!

Our service is made up of local drivers ready to serve their local community. However, our reach is not limited to Northern Arizona. Our community is always growing and is ready to service the whole Southwest.

… But Dream Big

Small operations don’t mean you need to settle for staying in your lane. Open Road allows businesses to save money and time for the things that matter. We can help you dream big and reach your business goals.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more time in your day? When your shipping runs smoothly and everything arrives on time, you will. Stop spending time tracking down your lost cargo and partner with a company that works with you.

When Timing is Everything

Did you just find out your shipment is sitting in the warehouse because the distributor is waiting on a driver? Or maybe you just got the news it’ll be weeks before anything can get shipped. 

Traditional freight can be a mess. Slow delivery times and packages getting lost are just two issues business owners need to worry about. Don’t keep your clients waiting, use Open Road to get your shipment where it needs to go. 

Business owners don’t have to drop their freight off just to wait and hope their package gets to the destination on time. Instead, we offer a unique way to ship updates along the drive. Business owners don’t have to wonder where their cargo is when they use Open Road.

Open Road is the Shipping Solution for Small Businesses

There are alternatives to slow shipping times. Don’t settle for less and get your cargo to where it needs to go in a timely manner. 

Open Road as a shipping service is easy to use and fast. If you’re interested in learning how Open Road is the one of the best shipping solutions for small business owners, contact us to learn more.

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