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How Many Hours Can You Drive Hotshotting?

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From managing your own hours to low start-up costs, hotshot trucking might be the perfect job for you! The rules enforced for hotshot driving hours are there for your safety and the safety of others. 

As a hotshot driver, you'll be working with smaller loads and a smaller truck than semi-truckers, making less than truckload deliveries a lot easier. 

But there are still some safety regulations that you'll need to follow as a hotshot trucker, especially in regards to the number of hours you're allowed to drive at a time.

What is Hotshot Trucking?

Hotshot trucking involves delivering smaller items and loads with pickup trucks or cargo vans, making deliveries much more efficient. Hotshot trucking can be a great alternative to anyone who wants to drive for a living and is looking for a job with many benefits in general. 

While you may be limited to driving a certain amount of hours at a given time, one of the biggest benefits of hotshot trucking is the flexibility. As a hotshot driver, you are an independent contractor, which means you are your own boss and you set your own hours. 

Another advantage of being a hotshot driver is the fact that you don't need to have a commercial drivers license. Removing the requirement of a CDL takes off a huge burden for a lot of people interested in a driving career. 

At Open Road, we hire only the safest and most reliable hotshot drivers. We hire drivers aged 21 or older, and only require a background check, valid driver's license, a virtual mechanic checkup, and an owned or leased truck and trailer. Sign up today.

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Rules and Regulations for Driving Hours

The schedule and overall job of hotshot trucking is flexible and attainable to most. However, there are still some legal matters that can affect the amount of hours drivers are allowed to be on the road. The rules can vary for different circumstances and situations. 

With that being said, we answered some frequently asked questions regarding the rules set in place for safe, honest, and reliable drivers.

How Many Hours Can I Drive In One Day?

The amount of hours you can drive in a day does depend on different circumstances. If you are a property-carrying driver, you have a maximum of 11 hours driving before you are required to take 10 hours off duty. After 10 hours, you can continue to drive again.

How Long Are My Breaks? And When Can I Take Them?

Everyone needs a good break in between their long shifts to re-energize and recuperate. If you have been driving for eight hours or more, and have not taken any breaks prior, you are required by law to take a 30 minute break. 

Is There a Limit To How Many Days I Can Work?

Yes, there is a limit to how many days you can work. It depends on how many hours you worked in a certain time span. If you have worked 60-70 hours in 7-8 days, you are required by federal law to take 34 or more consecutive hours off duty.

What Are The Rules Regarding Adverse Conditions?

Storms, snow, rain, and hail are inevitable, and they can delay your delivery schedules. Thankfully, one of the hotshot laws allows you to drive two hours past your given limit when these conditions are present so you can finish the job.

What Are The Penalties For Breaking These Laws?

These rules and regulations are made for your safety and wellbeing. That being said, breaking them can get you into very serious legal trouble. First off, you can be placed out of service until you have taken enough time off to start again. In the worst case scenario, you can be terminated from being a hotshot driver or fined anywhere from $1,000-$11,000.

Sign Up To Be A Driver Today!

Hotshot trucking is a fast and flexible road to success. However, like so many other driving jobs, safety is absolutely paramount. Open Road performs background checks on our drivers to ensure cargo and other vehicles on the road are safe. Learn more about how to be a driver with Open Road.

If hotshot driving sounds up your alley, Open Road is the perfect place to start your driving career. Sign up today and start shipping!

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