Can You Hotshot With a Box Truck?

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When most people think of hotshot trucking, they think of large pickup trucks hauling long trailers. While truck and trailer combos are indeed popular and practical for hotshot trucking, there are unique benefits that only a box truck can provide. 

Box trucks, also known as straight trucks or cube vans, are unibody vehicles that have the cab and cargo storage attached to a single vehicle frame.

Box trucks come in varying sizes and configurations, typically ranging from 10-16 feet in storage length, with enough cargo space to haul multiple pallets in two side-by-side rows. The ample storage space is just the beginning of the many benefits that come with using a box truck for hotshot trucking.

So many industries can benefit from hotshot drivers and their box trucks. Let’s take a look at these industries, as well as the different varieties of box trucks and their unique benefits. 

Which Industries Can Benefit From Box Trucks?

Box trucks provide a covered cargo area and plenty of space for multiple large objects. This can be particularly beneficial for industries that ship bulky items or items that need to be protected from the elements. Fortunately, this applies to a variety of industries including retail, construction, landscaping, and many more. 

text with no image: business that benefit from box trucks include furniture stores, appliance stores, and restaurants and caterers

Box Truck Hauling For Retail Stores

If a retailer needs to ship bulky items that must be shielded from the elements, then a box truck may be their best option. The covered cargo area is especially useful for hauling furniture, large electric appliances, and even food and beverage products. By hotshot trucking with a box truck, you can offer an extra level of protection that an open trailer can’t. 

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Box Truck Hauling For Construction Companies

Box trucks provide plenty of room for hauling multiple pallets of construction materials. The closed-in cargo space allows the pallets to be double stacked securely, which can sometimes mean more to more materials being shipped in less trips. Box trucks also prevent cargo from getting damaged by weather. Some of the materials that you want to transport safely in a box truck include:

  • Flooring 
  • Drywall 
  • Doors and cabinets
  • Concrete bags
  • Plywood 

Box trucks allow construction companies to transport a large volume of materials securely and safely.

Additional Industries That Could Benefit From Box Trucks

It’s not just retail and construction—so many types of businesses can benefit from the carrying capacity and security that comes with a box truck. Some of the additional industries that could utilize a hotshot driver and their box truck are:

  • Landscapers: to haul lawn care equipment and materials to and from job sites 
  • Event Planners: to move booths, tables, chairs and bulky equipment to and from events
  • Restaurant and Caterers: to transport kegs, furniture, and heavy kitchen appliances
  • Manufacturers or Distributors: to deliver pallets, boxes, parts, and materials to other businesses

A hotshot driver with a box truck can prove to be a valuable asset to any business and industries. Now that we have identified some of the uses for a box truck, let’s take a look at the benefits of various box truck configurations. 

What Are The Different Types of Box Trucks?

There are a variety of box trucks, each designed with specific benefits in mind. While the standard box truck is a great resource for most hauling needs, specialized versions of this vehicle may open up more opportunities for you. 

text with no image: box truck configurations include standard box trucks, refrigerated box trucks, and landscaping box trucks

Standard Box Trucks

While the standard box truck doesn’t offer the additional perks of other models, it’s still a great vehicle for hotshot trucking. Standard box trucks have the carrying capacity to haul large and bulky items, and they offer the security to protect fragile and weather-sensitive items. They’re also much easier to drive than truck and trailer combos, especially for beginners.

Refrigerated Box Trucks

Refrigerated box trucks offer temperature-controlled cargo space that prevents perishable goods from spoiling. Many industries rely on refrigerated box trucks to haul their perishable goods, from food and beverage to plants and medicine. Hotshot hauling with a refrigerated box truck will open you up to more opportunities than hauling with a truck and trailer or a standard box truck. 

Landscaping Box Trucks

This style of box truck is less common than other styles. However, they provide unique perks that can make your life much easier when hauling landscaping materials. Most landscaping box trucks make loading and unloading a breeze with a dovetail body and built-in ramps or lift gates. Although they are intended for landscaping purposes, they can be especially useful for construction materials and equipment, large appliances, and other bulky items.

How Can You Make Money With Your Box Truck?

Box trucks are versatile hauling vehicles that can be a great source of revenue for independent contractors. By pairing with the right shipping company, it can be quick and easy to find hotshot jobs for you and your box truck.

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image: delivery driver loading boxes onto a box truck. text: box trucks are versatile hauling vehicles that can be a great source of revenue for independent contractors.

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